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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  December 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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the fruitvale public market to honor the lives lost one week ago. today we learn the name of five remaining victims of the go ship warehouse fire. 35-year-old eric clark of oakland was a sound engineer that went to santa rosa high school, 34-year-old jonathan baum of berkeley was a dj and known in the electronic music scene. 38-year-old entrepreneur peter wadsworth lived in the warehouse according to the san francisco chronicle, the girlfriend of 31-year-old nicholas walrath said he was an attorney that love to help people. friends called 37-year-old michelle sylvan creative and warm. they say her partner also died in the fire. the father of one of the other 36 victims came to the site today to take photos and reflect. >> i knew he was in here and i knew it would be days before they removed his remains and i had visions and i would wake up in the middle the night thinking about him just lying there. so it does affect you, it is very tough. >> there's a lot of things that
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i wish i had said to him but i will never be able to. >>reporter: robert lapine said his son edmund grew up in utah and moved to the bay area a couple of years ago. the 34-year-old was working at a bakery in training to be a barista, he said his son loved poetry and music and 36 people were killed in the fire one week ago today. again, this is expected to be a walking vigil from what we understand and people will leave the fruitvale public market here and head over to the oakland fire site. they are expected to gather within the next hour and we will have another update in the 7 pm hour. judy? christine around him live for us. thank you. families of the victims are planning funerals on the first of which is scheduled for this weekend. 17-year-old will be laid to rest on sunday and he was the youngest victim and the son of
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an alameda county sheriff's deputy and the corner has completed autopsies on all of the victims and some are traveling from as far away from finland to retrieve the bodies and local agencies are also receiving help from across the globe. >> we had all sorts of experts from around the world call to provide their expertise whether it be engineering or crime scene reconstruction or forensics and we've had an amazing amount of people say i can help. one funeral home has offered free services to the victims and chapel of the chimes in oakland said it has received a number of calls since making the offer. a federal forensic team began preserving evidence at the scene of the fire before weather and removal teams change or take it away. ktvu has tom baker in the newsroom with what they are doing . tom? >>reporter: first the refrigerator previously thought to be a source has been ruled
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out completely as a cause and the atf work goes on and on.>>reporter: a forensic mapping team creates lasting evidence from rapidly deteriorating evidence and in this case it will take 3 days to make such diagrams available to investigators.>> there are several different camera systems that allow them to thoroughly document the scene and they can also prepare a diagram utilizing forensic mapping equipment. beyond the atf agent seemed to know nothing about what is being done by the team and they did not produce a team member to explain or provide an example of an image. on a more concrete note the atf electrical engineers concluded that although the refrigerator was close to the source the refrigerator itself was not the source. earlier the fire marshal came to the site. >> every time it happens we need to know what happened so that we can either change codes
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or reinforce the codes that we already have to make sure it does not happen again. >>reporter: in this case it did happen regardless.>> a lot of the codes that exist can cover a lot of the things that might have prevented this kind of situation. >>reporter: we learn that building code inspection and enforcement, not fire inspection is likely the key issue.>> a warehouse like this in my jurisdiction is not mandated. no one requires that we do this. we are available to do this and it is not mandated inspection. >>reporter: they say that arson is not suspected. ktvu, fox 2 news. on website you will find more on the deadly warehouse fire including the latest on the investigation plus what we are learning about
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the victims and attributes planned in their honor, you will find it near the top of our home page. we will take a look at the weather now and we will show you a time lapse of the sunset in the dark clouds are sticking around and more rain is in the forecast. bill marr is tracking the conditions for us and bill you are expecting this later this evening. the fast for that we should, they will hate me for this but it was showing all these different levels and you are saying windshear which is an indication to meteorologist, watch this a lower and an upper deck and it is not moving. this is different directions and it's an indication of instability and that is what we are seeing. i like that we are doing this. looking at the rainfall accumulation, thanks for doing that. in terms of whether it was a really good piece of video. three inches of rain in been loman in oakland came in at three quarters of an inch.
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there had not really been a ton of rain but we are getting rain and look at this swab of moisture, that is atmospheric but without a lot of dynamics to trigger heavy rainfall. this will trigger more rainfall over the next few hours and then we get to a heavier dose of rain as we had to the overnight hours and you can see this up to the north at 1 am it starts to move in and then the system works its way down and that is about 8 am and most of us tomorrow will notice from santa rosa and then san jose at 9 am or 10 am. the system will blow through pretty quickly and it will drop significant rain and we could see up to an inch in some places. when i come back we will sent out more and get into sunday as well. the san francisco streets are still closed around the mask only center where cruiser trying to repair a water main the ruptured more than 12 hours
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ago. this happened at the busy intersection of fourth and howard at 3 am this morning as ktvu has tara moriarty reporting work is expected to continue late into the evening. >>reporter: crew say they will be here as long as it takes and that could be through the night, as you look behind me were the big chunks of pavement are, that is where the water main line broke and it has been repaired and they're getting ready to fill in, if we pan left that is where cruise discovered a roshan and this is something they did not expect to find so the repairs will take hours longer than anticipated. water seeping through cracks at fourth and howard street. >> at 3 am a report was called in about a water main break. >>reporter: witnesses describe water gushing like a geyser the cruise got it under control within 15 minutes. >> they cordon off the street with sf pd. >>reporter: water poured into the underground parking garage and currently under construction it flowed into the basement of the metreon and luckily there was no damage. the culprit was a 121-year-old pipe. >> this is a cast-iron pipe and
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it's 12 inches in diameter and was installed in 1895. >>reporter: we can see the crack four feet down into the ground and cruise pinched off water access and worked to shore up weak spots in the road as they repaired the line. >> the city has 1000 miles of water pipe under the streets with varying sizes and ages. we are under way now to repair and replace. up to we're hoping about 15 miles per year. >>reporter: fixing 15 miles of paper your does not like much but it's more than the agency tackled years ago increase would undertake 3 to 4 miles of pipe. >> it's a hint in the golden gate bridge, you are never finish because every year there's more pipe, it's ongoing repair and maintenance project of the water department. >>reporter: since 2 pm this afternoon traffic has been allowed to go down and
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everything else is still shut down and that could be the case for several more hours. in san francisco, tara moriarty , ktvu fox 2 news. allegations that russia played a role in the presidential election. at 6:30 pm, the order from president obama following reports of hacking . i made it clear to him that there are cyber attacks. and chilling testimony in an east bay courtroom in a case being called a hate crime. and alive look at the friday evening commute and this is interstate 80 and the macarthur maze and all the headlights coming towards us towards the bay bridge and it is heavy and both directions out there at this hour. a look at the bay bridge toll plaza and the headlights are heading to san francisco slowly, friday nights.
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new at 6 pm, chilling testimony in an east bay courtroom and the alleged hate crime killing of an african-american man outside a bar. one man that his weight has been arrested and two others are large, henry lee was in court today and joins us in the newsroom. >>reporter: for the past month prosecutors would not say why they believe the shooting death of william sims was a hate crime today investigators broke their silence, at the end there
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were punches, kicks and gunfire that is what happened at the capri club on november 12. cameras were not allowed in court during the preliminary hearing for daniel porter kelly, the detective testified that the victim, musician william sims was in the bar being social talking to two women, according to detectives they showed that porter takes offense and says something to the effect of that and. both women went to the bar back patio and a woman said that is where this man was snorting cocaine while with the third man, daniel ortega. they allegedly asked for some cocaine, the victim asked for some but only had one dollar and then all three men got into a confrontation with sims. the witnesses said ortega through the first punch but all three men kicked and hit him as he lay on the ground. during the attack the witness said she heard the n-word being used but was not sure who said
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it and simon stole the victims wallet. they said that they jumped into a car she was driving in sims slammed his hands on the car and then she said she heard two gunshots. sims was shot once in the head and was found lying in his back outside the club. in the cross investigation: cooper suggested that the detective cherry picked his testimony to make the client look bad in the detective acknowledged that simons not porter kelly was the shooter. testimony resumes on monday and they will determine whether porter kelly will go to trial. any idea on whether the the other two are somewhere? >> their whereabouts are unknown. they are still actively looking for both simons and ortega. henry lee live. santa clara county has settled a lawsuit filed by the family of a mentally ill inmate that was beaten to death in his jail cell, the family of
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michael tyree was awarded $3.6 million in most of the money will be given to his seven-year- old daughter, his two sisters will be given a smaller portion of the settlement. the three guards are now charged with murder and they are out on bail, a trial is set for early next year. one of the inmates that escaped from santa clara county and the main jail last month had time added to his sentence today. lauren campbellãloren campbell pleaded no contest to escape charges in 16 to 18 months have been added to his sentence, last month campbell and 3 other inmates got out of there jail cell after cutting and removing ourselves and then using blankets to repel to the ground, two inmates were cut immediately but campbell and rogelio chavez were on the run for a week . police at san jose university arrested a man suspected of sexual battery on a female student in one of six such grouping incidents in as many weeks. officers arrested one kong last
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night after he came to the campus police station for questioning. they say the 19-year-old is a student at san jose state and he is accused of groping a woman on monday in the student union building. they say he may be responsible for other unreported incidents and they say he want to take steps to make students safer and campus patrols have been increase in the university plans to add security staff and purchase 24 additional security cameras. students and parents are reacting to the arrest of a high school teacher accused of sexual contact with a male student, 32-year-old trudy hill is an english teacher at santa rosa high school and is out on bail facing charges of having the sexual contact with a 17- year-old student and sending him explicit photos. her arrest yesterday did not come as a surprise to several students that we spoke with today. >> i actually called this happening last year. i had her as a teacher and she
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was very touchy. i knew this would happen. school officials say they were tipped off to the allegations by another student in the immediately called san jose police. hill has been placed on administrative leave as the criminal investigation is underway. checking in in the mountains there is snow up there and ski season is officially on. not a lot yet but it will get up there. by the end of the we can you will have another foot or foot in the half and it will start snowing big time up there tomorrow afternoon. everyone is skiing so if you are a skier or snowboarder it is game on. the season is here and it is here for rain as well. check out the dateline and all the moisture streaming in, it is an atmospheric river and not set up in a that will bring us excessive amounts of rain which is probably good in that we will get rain but that pattern that i showed you, that can produce significant flooding. it does not appear that we will have that problem. showers move in tonight.>> we are starting to see showers move in off the coast very
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lightly. we have seen this throughout the day, on and off showers and that's how it will be tonight. >> somewhere about 11 pm in the north bay you will start to see showers beginning and here is a live camera shot. this is 1 am and this is the system and there is moisture here and this is 1 am in the morning and that drops down and that is the deal and the whole match tomorrow. i 1 pm it will translate but not to the mountains and it will stick, it will go right through sunday and then you see it push through the saturday afternoon and it may not be half bad. i said it was wet in the morning and by lunchtime it breaks off a bit and it will look more like what we had this afternoon. the next time you see me we will go into sunday and monday and beyond and we will see you back here. a south bay teenager killed in a car crash on his way to
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school. >> they are shocked and we are all shocked. up next how the victim is being remembered. also ahead the giants introduce their newest picture and they are hoping that he will incur the bullpen when the $62 million man joins us a little later in sports. the bay area law enforcement officers barking on an emotional journey and what they are doing and why.
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new details from the south bay about a car crash the claimed the life of a high school student. investigators say the 15-year- old boy was a student at westmont high. another student was injured in rest dutch rushed to the hospital and is jesse gary reports a combination of slick roads and lane changing played a part in the crash. >>reporter: today friends and family of the teenager killed in a single car crash placed flowers and candles near the accident site. >> he was one of the nicest kids i have ever known. >>reporter: chp investigators say the 15-year-old gabriel was killed on the way to school in the car in which he was writing crashed on the expressway near campbell avenue. everyone is crying home and they are shocked and all of us are shocked actually. >>reporter: he started his trip to westmont high school by skateboard at 8 am but due to rain a fellow student and friend, 18-year-old ron villa
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offered him a ride. they were in a bmw m3 convertible traveling south on thomas when he lost control while changing lanes and slammed sideways into the butt end of the median guard rail. >> he went through the passenger store and it resulted in fatal injuries. >>reporter: both teens attended westmont high school and the death is acutely felt. in his statement district officials say grief counselors are available for students needed to talk about their feelings. this ranges from deep sadness to intense anger. >> i don't know how this could happen, how else could he spin out. i think he was speeding. >>reporter: the chp confirms a 45 mile per hour speed limit on this stretch of road but they say it is too soon in the investigation to know if
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speeding caused or contributed to the crash. as a search for answers continues to families touched by the tragedy are grieving.>> ron will have to live with what happened because he is alive and he has to live with all of this and i feel bad for him right now. >> i pray for him and his family and for gabe's family as they are sad. >>reporter: students place flowers and candles near the columns of the pedestrian bridge that is behind me which is over the accident scene but sometime during the day today highway crews removed all of this and i'm told that there will be a vigil over the weekend and when we have more information we will share online or on air, jesse gary in campbell, ktvu fox 2 news. ktvu fox 2 news at 630 starts next with an investigation into the president election. >> we are committed to the integrity of the election.>>reporter: the order made following hacking of russia. and the transition team and the key player counting himself out. not even a teenager but
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this north bay girl made history at the vatican. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 pm is next. i like to know what's happening as soon as it happens. who won the game, who won on the dancing show... ...i mean, if i watched that show. same with my banking. with my bank of america mobile banking app, i can see my accounts all in one place. i can easily manage them and if something doesn't look right, i'm going to know. plus, i can set up alerts to help detect unusual activity. so i feel secure. wait, he won? that's an average tango... at best.
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no tour top story as federal investigators release new information about the deadly go ship warehouse fire in oakland. they're still trying to figure out how the fire started but
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they have ruled out the refrigerator as a source. they do say the refrigerator was located near the point of origin. in the meantime a forensic mapping team is using cameras and lasers to create a diagram of the warehouse to help with the investigation. risen san francisco are making repairs after a major water main break at a busy intersection south of market, they say a 12 inch main bailed at the intersection of fourth and howard at 3:15 am, the age of the pipe was a factor that dates back to 1895. the pipe has now been fixed but crews discovered erosion so street repair will continue through the night. we are keeping an eye on the radar with more rain expected to fall over the night and into the we can, bill martin has more of the forecast coming up in just a minute, you are watching ktvu fox 2 at 6:30 pm. president obama offered -- ordered a full intelligence report on russian efforts to
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influence the presidential election. >> the washington post is saying that cia concluded that russia intervened to help donald trump win the presidency, fox news reporter kevin court has the latest from washington. >>reporter: a full review, that is what president obama is ordering to be conducted into hacking activity aimed at meddling in the 2016 election. >> it is to capture lessons learned and to report and arrange stakeholders to include congress. >>reporter: lisa monaco says intelligence officials will deliver a report to the president that will be sent on to members of congress before he leaves next month. they say this will enable him to take stock of cyber responsibilities and reduce future threats. were committed to the integrity of our election and the report will dig into the pattern of malicious cyber activity tied to the elections. wikileaks from internal emails and the hillary clinton campaign plagued the former secretary of state throughout
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the election cycle and a conscious effort donations state to achieve the specific effect said nsa official michael rogers. senator lindsey graham said this week that it is clear to me that wikileaks was designed to hurt clinton and it could be us tomorrow. the obama administration accuse russia of conducting many hacks the service during the run up to the election. they denied there was any impact on the actual vote outcome. >>reporter: asked about it at the apex summit in late november, the president said the topic did not come up in conversation with russian president vladimir putin. >> i made it clear to him our concerns around cyber attacks in general. >>reporter: because the review comes after a democratic loss in the election instead of after victory in 20 eight and 2012 they suggest that bipartisanship could be effort on behalf of the obama administration but white house officials insist that the person most likely to benefit his president-elect donald trump. at th


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